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Written here is the year count of the Mexica. It's made of only four parts that go as follows: the year 13 ācatl ends the part beginning with 1 ācatl, 13 Tecpatl ends the one beginning 1 Tecpatl, 13 Calli the one beginning with 1 calli, and 13 Tōchtli the one beginning with 1 Tōchtli. When the four parts have come to an end, after 52 years, our years are tied on the year 2 ācatl.

This was written in Mexico on the 27th day of the month of September of 1576.

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CT writes re tlapohual: Which calendar does this indicate. Notice the strange formation : xiuhtlapohualli, not xiuhpohualli. Is it referring specifically to the four year counters, i.e. the symbols?

cristobal -oldfordham

I think xiuhtlapohual refers the the 365 calendar.It is a bit of an odd phrasing.

This section is confusing, but the next two folios explain it. the 52 year period is being divided it into 4 sections. 13 acatl ends the section beginning 1 acatl. 13 calli the section 1 calli, etc. This is elegant because the sections run like perfect trecenas, counting years instead of days.