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they were able to have a lot of children. On the same read year the Colhuas they had met and the Xochimilca went to war with each other and when the Colhuas were losing, the ruler Coxcoxtli said, "Have the Mexica left? Bring them here."

So they called them and they came before the ruler of the Colhuas who said to them, "Go to the Xochimilca who are defeating us so far. You are to capture eight thousand Xochimilca who will be your prisoners."

Then the Mexica said, "We will, O ruler. Please grant us at least a meager shield and a meager club."

The the king answered, "I won't. You agree to go as you are."

The Mexica then began to consult with each other. "What will we take with us?" they said. "[tiytz?] We will cut off the noses

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cristobal -oldfordham

I could not identify tiytz

cristobal -oldfordham

After they leave the king, they start figuring things out as a group: I think this is what "monahuatia" refers to.