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When I gave them this task, it was all in jest. The deaths they're responsible for are a bad omen."

Only four of the Mexicas' captives remained alive, but they didn't let the ruler Coxcoxtli see that. They set up their earth altar there in Tizaapan, "Now O Ruler, give our earth altar a little something to adorn it." Then the ruler said, "I will. You have made me a favor. I will have the priests go adorn it."

So the priests were sent orders and told, "You will now give them feces and hair as gifts, as well as a nocturnal bird."

So they went to give them the gifts by night.

Then the Mexica said, "Let's see what gifts they have given us for our earth altar." So they saw their gifts. And when they had seen them,

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cristobal -oldfordham

tetzahuia has two objects--but I'm not sure what quim refers to--"they took them as a bad omen"--the fact that they killed them is a bad omen?

cristobal -oldfordham

poxacuatl is some sort of nightbird