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The Tenochcans who had gone to Atenco returned on Saturday XVI February. They were Francisco Ocelotecatl, Gabriel Tlomiyauh and Barthasal Xochmitl.

The field on which Saint Lazarus stands was laid out. It began to be built on Thursday XXVIII February.

Year 1555

At this time the Viceroy came to proclaim public work on XXII September,
"On Monday 890 families will settle here." And he said, "This is necessary in order to build a hospital. 400 pesos will be spent on this for the workers.

And the singers will be paid 300 pesos."

During his time there was only commerce in Saint Hipolito on Wednesday II October.

The walls began to be built on Friday 6th December.

And at this time Antas ? were also set up.

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