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Philada: 10 th: 9 mos. 1758


Dear Cousin

I have defer'd writing to thee being in hopes
from day to day of Rudulph's calling to adjust thee Cousin
Charles's affair on the terms I offer'd him, w:ch were that
he should accept the Ten pounds in full satisfaction for all
demands—he refus'd it, unless I would agree to pay the Doctor.
he has since had near a fortnight to consider of it & I find
grows more inflexible, his wife continuing very poorly & their
Child dead, w.ch the Doctor tells them was from the disorder it
contracted by [illegible] milk &c. I shall be glad to have thy directory
whether to [...] with his terms or not, if we do not, I am to[...]
he is determined to prosecute, & in order to is attended at the
W Plumsted's last third day, being our County Sessions, but
thy affair being within the City is [???gnisable] only [???] Mayor's
Court to beheld the next month.

I copy'd thy letters & sent them to Stenton & now
return thee the Copy: we are told there's a great number of [???]
already come to Fort Allen Wyoming & some to Easton, but when
They will be all in & ready for the Treaty is uncertain. I hope your
Governor & Comdr. will be there as early as ours, as the Success of the
business depends much on setting out right & our Governor has
neither inclination nor Judgment to act, as I occasion requires &
would I believe pay more regard to a hint from a Brother Gov.r

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