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to draw from the fountain-head; that
my curiofity, as well as a fenfe of duty,
has always urged me to ftudy the
originals; and that, if they have fome-
thimes eluded my fearch, I have carefully
marked the fecondary evidence, on
whofe faith a paffage or a fact were
reduced to depend.

I shall foon revifit the banks of the
lake of Laufanne, a country which I
have known and loved from my early
youth. Under a mild government;
amidft a beauteous landskip, in a life
of leifure and independence, and maong
a people of eafy and elegant manners;
I have enjoyed, and may again hope
to enjoy, the varied pleafures of retire-
ment and fociety. But I shall ever glory
in the name and character of an English-
man: I am proud of my birth in a free
and enlightened country; and the
approbation of that country is the beft
and moft honourable reward of my
labours. Were I ambitious of any other

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