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cupied and amused in the excursions of
curiosity and taste. By such tempations,
I have been sometimes seduced from the
rigid duty even of a pleasing and
voluntary task : but my time will now
be my own : and in the use or abuse of
indeendence, I shall no longer fear
my own reproaches or those of my
friends. I am fairly entitled to a year
of jubilee: sext summer and the following
winter will repidly pass away;
and experience only can determine
whether I shall still prefer the freedom
and variety of study to the design and
composition of a regular work, which
animates, while it confines, the daily
aplication of the Author. Carice and
accident may influence my choicel but
the dexterity of self-love will contrice
to applaude either active idustry, or
philosophic repose.


May 1, 1788.

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