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Polytechnic Sta
Fort North, Texas
May 16/1932

My dear Mrs. Lake:-

I thank you ever so
much for your kind words of introduction
last Friday and would have thanked you last
Friday, but I did not see you anywhere after
the banquet.

Please allow me to make a little
correction in the spelling of that Verbenaceae.
I am sure I gave it to you as Phylla; it
should be spelled Phyla. The white=flower
type is now in flower. As I wrote to
you some time ago, this plant is Verbena-like
in character, but belongs according to Dr
Gray, to a sub-genus Phyla, which Dr. Small
makes a distinct genus. All other botanists
list the plant as Lippia node flora

Dr Small is our
latest & best authority.

Very sincerely yours
A. Ruth

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