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(28) Slender Finger - grass (Syntherisma filiformis)
(29) Large Crab - grass (S. sanguinalis) (30) Jungle Rice
(Echinochloa colona) (31) Barnyard grass (E. crus -
galli (32) Blunt Panicum (Panicum obtusum) (33)
Long-leaved Panicum (P. longifolium) (34) Round-fruited
Panicum (P. sphaerocarpon) (35) Scribners Panicum
(P. scribnerianum) (36) Tall smooth Panicum (P. Virga-
tum) (37) Witch-grass (P. capillare) (38) Texas Millet
(P. texanum) (39) Halls panicum (P. hallii) (40) Fasci-
cled Panicum (P. fasciculatum) (41) Forked-flowered
Panicum (P. dichotumiflorum) (42) Hairy Panicum (P.
villosissimum) (43) Yellow Foxtail (Chaetochloa
glauca) (44) Beardless Foxtail (C. imberbis) (45) Green
Foxtail (C. viridis) (46) Italian Millet (C. italica)
(47) Geniculate Foxtail (C. geniculata) (48) Bur-grass
(Cenchrus tribuloides) (49) White grass (Homalocenchrus
virginicus) (50) Carolina Canary-grass (Phalaris caroliniana)
(51) Poverty Grass (Aristida dichotoma) (52) Purplish
Aristida (A. purpurascens) (53) Few-flowered Awn grass
(A. oligartha) (54) Western Awn-grass (A. desmantha)
(55) Fendlers Awn-grass (A. Fendleriana) (56) Long-
awned Awn-grass (A. longiseta) (57) White-haired

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