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To the Honorable Mayor and City Council of Fort Worth.

Your petitioner would respectfully represent that the condition of the
streets to-wit East Front St. and Boaz St. passing under the two Railroad
viaducts, is very bad and has been for a long length of time. That the same
are the natural passageway to the city of a very large bodies of people in the
Third, Fifth and Seventh Wards and from Glenwood, and that no improvements in
the streets can be done for the same amount of money which will do as much
good and cause as much satisfaction as will the putting of the said streets
in proper condition to stand the travel.

It will be necessary, first, to provide for the flowage of the water off
the Texas & Pacific reservation. Second, for the paving or gravelling of
the said streets.

Therefore your petitioner prays that the City Engineer by instructed to
at once report to this Council an estimate of the cost of properly providing
for the said water so that it will not run into said streets and for paving
the said streets with brick and for gravelling the said streets in first
class shape, and that the said report of the said City Engineer together
with this resolution be taken under advisement by the Ways and Means Commit
tee of the City Council and reported on to the next meeting of the Council.

M.M. Lydon
Alderman of the Fifth Ward.

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