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Whereas by resolution of the Board of Commissioners passed October 15th, 1907 the Crouch Hardware Company was directed to remove the plat-forms and porches at 1002 and 1004 Rusk Street within the City of Fort Worth, within ten days from said date, said platforms and porches consti-tuting an obstruction to travel and interfering with foot passengers and Whereas said Crouch Hardware Company has failed and refused to obey said notifications Now Therefore it is Ordered by the Board of Commissioners that the City Marshal or any police officer of the City under his direc-tion he and he is hereby directed to tear down and remove said obstruc-tion and that such action hehad and taken without further delay.
I hereby certify that the above and foregoing order was unanimously passed by the Board of Commissioners at a session held October 29th, 1907.

MJ Estes
City Secretary.

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