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Whereas, it was a part of the consideration of the grant of certain streets, allays and rights of way made by the City of Fort Worth to the Missouri, Kannsas & Texas Railway Company of Texas, XII and was a condition thereof that the said Railway Company when so demanded by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Fort Worth should arrange its tracks, road bed and grounds for reasonable, proper and sufficient underhead crossing on Rosedale Street running east and west to be constructed; and also to construct and maintain the same under the tracks, road beds, ect., of the said Railway Company and keep the same in good and propercondition for the purpose of enabling the traveling public to have an underhead cros-sing on said Rosedale Street.
It is therefore resolved that the demand be and the same is now made uponn the said Railway Company to in all respects comply with this obligation and to construct the said underhead roadway to a width of 50 feet the same to be independent of and exclusive of whatever space may be necessary for and may be used as a culvert for the passage of water required to be drained at and near the said Rosedale Street where the same intersects the right of way of the said Railway Company.

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