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To the Honorable Mayor and City Commissioners of Fort Worth.


In submitting to your honorable body the following re-
quest and suggestions we beg to assure you that we are prompted to do
so by the best of motives, believing if the request is granted the
city's best interest sill be subserved.

We request

1st.--That an ordinance be adopted which will provide for the
handling of garbage and refuse of all kinds in a sanitary manner.

2d.--That all persons desiring to engage in the hauling of
garbage of all or any kind be compelled to take out a license from
the city and pay for same a reasonable sum.

3d.--That each person desiring to engage in the hauling of
garbage be compelled to give to city the city a bond in sufficient
amount to insure ample protection to the city.

4th.--That the ordinance provide a penalty for the violation
of any of its provisions in such an amount as to insure strict com-
pliance with every provision.

5th.--That some system of inspection be adopted by the city as
still further protection.

We submit the above request and suggestions because we believe
an ordinance can be so drawn as to give the city the protectionin
a sanitary way and still permit the members of our organization
and teamsters who are not members to continue in a buisiness many of
them have been devoted for years; we are also prompted by a knowledge
that such an ordinance will meet with the approval of the business
men and other citizens who have for years been employing teamsters
of Fort Worth.

Assuring your honorable body that there is no class of citizens
who make have the welfare of Fort Worth more at hear than the Team-
sters Union or who would do more to make its citizens more healthful
or prosperous, we remain

Very respectfully

Jack Thompson
Secy. Teamsters

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