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Common Names Used for Mayor and Council Proceedings

Armstrong, George

Baird, Murray L.

Barr, William

Beall, Elias J.

Boulware, Fred S. 

Calhoun, Hugh L.

Canto, Alex

Cella, John C.

Chamber, Rufus

Clements, Joseph T.

Collier, James M.

Coppage, Thomas E.

Crabtree, Charles F.

Dycus, Frank E.

Edgell, Truman N.

Essex, Winfield S.

Estes, William J.

Fisher, William H. 

Fly, David R. 

Fry, Samuel M.

Gause, George L.

Hall, M. A.

Harrop, Alfred H.

Harris, William Dawson

Hawley, John B.

Head, William S.

Henderson, John F. 

Herrenkind, Oscar C.

Hudgins, George C.

Hurley, Michael C.

Jackson, James H.

La Croix, Napoleon

Lassiter, Newton H. 

Leahy, William

Lehane, John F.

Lewis, Major J.

Logan, Joseph M.

Lydon, Martin M.

Maddox, James H. 

Matkin, Charles T. 

Matkin, John

McCoy, Isaac C.

McCulloch, Isaac N.

McLaury, William.

McNatt Robert H.

Milam; Robert F.

Montgomery, John T.

Moore, James F.

Moore, R.F.

Moreland, Quinn T.

Mulkey, George H. 

Murray, Thomas F.

Newby, William G.

Nicks, Joseph P. 

Nunnally, Jesse J.

Orr, Robert H. 

Orrick, Eugene C.

Paddock, Buckley B.

Paxton, Thomas W.

Powell, Thomas J.

Pritchett, [Daniel] J.

Rea, William M.

Roberts, J.B.

Rufner, John F.

Scoble, Andrew W.

Scott, Charles, R.

Scott, Addison M.    

Spoonts, Morris A. 

 Tanco, Frank G.

Templeton, Calvin M.

Tiller, John H.  

Trippet, William W. 

Tucker, Rowan H.

Van Zandt, Isaac, L.

Van Zandt, Khleber M.

Van Zandt, Khleber M., Jr.   

Waggoman, Benjamin L. 

Walker, Amos C.

Ward, William H.

Williams, William D.

Williams, W. Erskine

Wright, Earl E.

Zeloski, Frank