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Fort Worth, Texas,Oct. 18,1907.

To the Honorable Mayor & Board of Commissioners of
the City of Fort Worth:-

We, the undersigned, citizens and res-
idents of the City of Fort Worth , residing in the vicinity
of Jennings Avenue and Myrtle Street,and owning property in
that vicinity,would respectfully petition your Honorable Body
to widen Myrtle Street ten (10) eleven (11) feet from the point where it
intersects with the West line of Jennings going East to the
point where it again instersects the West line of said Jen-
nings Avenue.

Your petitioners would further show that Jennings
Avenue stops at Myrtle Street at a certain point, and then
shifts eastwardly and that Myrtle Street,as at present laid
out and delineated, is only about twenty(20) feet wide from
curb to curb,from the point where it intersects the West li ne
of the most westerly Jennings Avenue to the point where it
intersects the West line of the most easterly Jennings Avenue.
This would comprise a distance of about one hundred and ten
(110) feet from one West line to another.

Your petitioners would further show that Myrtle
Avenue between said points is so very narrow that it scarcely
admits of two teams driving abreast,and when big teams are
driven across there,one or the other must drive into the
gutter and wait until the other passes by. This is a great
inconvenience and hardship to the many who are required to
use Myrtle Avenue,and they would most respectfully sug-
gest to your Honorable Body that if the South line of Myrtle
Avenue b etween the t wo saidpoints were widened ten(10) feet
it would give the people a passable thoroughfare and enable
them to drive over and through the same in some degree of ease
and safety.

Your petitioneres are informed that this ten feet to
which they refer belongs to J.E.Johnson subject to a mort-