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Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 26th 1907.

To The Honorable Mayor
And Board of Commissioners,
Fort Worth, Texas.


In view of the fact, that your compeditors have publicly
attached your honorable body for your action in awarding The Texas
Bitulithic Company the contracts for pavements to the amount of
114,000 sq. yds. and the further fact that they have inspired a pro-
test from the people Capt. Paddock. Believing the Honorable Secretary of the Fort
Worth Board of Trade would not do knowingly do your honorable body
a wrong, we therefore, take the liberty of answering this attack on
your honorable body and the wisdom of its action, as follows;

As to the General Supply & Construction Company being a local
Company and being entitled to more consideration than the Texas
Bitulithic Company.

The President of the Genral Supply & Construction Company,
Mr. F.O.Brown lives in Dallas.

The President of the Texas Bitulithic Company also lives in

The representative complaining for the General Supply & Con-
struction Company, Mr. John B.Hawley lives in Ft.Worth.

Mr. F.V.Lanham the representative of the Texas Bitulithic
Company also lives in Ft.Worth and owns his home in your city.

Within the past month adherents of the General Supply & Con-
struction Company have been claiming the Dallas contracts because
they were a local Company and represented home industry, their very
name was solected to indicate them as any thing but a local institution,
and we respectfully ask if the citizens of Ft.Worth will be willing
to be taxed to support this company who never offered you paving within
17¢ per sq.yd. as cheap as our company have now offered you the same

As to the bids received Nov. 15th.

The General Supply & Construction Company in a paid adver-

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I think we can safely assume that this guy did not win 1st prize in the spelling bee.