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tisement in the Ft. Worth Record of November 23rd says their bid of
$2.10 per sq.yd. for Bitumnous Pavement included grading.

Their bid reads as follows;

"Bituminous Pavement as per attached specifications $2.10 per sq.yd.
with a five year guarantee". The Specifications attached and on which
the bid was made, made no provision for excavation and certainly to
claim that their bid included an item not mentioned in the specifications
as part of them, is we think presuming on your intelligence as well as
a bare-faced attempt to mislead the public and change their bid.


The Asumption of the General Supply & Construction Company that
their bid for a so-called Bituminous Pavement on a specification hardly
covering one-half page of letter paper, and that your Honorable Body and
the tax payers of Fort Worth would consider their offer as covering a
permanent road construction and equal to The Bitulithic Pavement,is ask-
ing the public to expend their money on and untried experiment.

To illustrate the absolute ignorance and lack of scientific
knowledge of Bituminous Paving construction in preparing their spec-
ifications, The General Supply & Construction Company in providing for
Bitumins say "to said mineral aggregate shall be added a Bituminous
Cement 99% pure, according to accepted chemical anzlysis, in sufficient
quanity to fill voids and give excess, and the whole mass then heated
to a temperature satisfactory to the Engineer of this City or his duly
authorized assistant." You will notice this provides for heating the
stones and Bitumin after they have been incorpuated, a process absolutely
impossible and never has or never would be attempted by any one familiar
with Bituminous Road construction.

It being necessary even when laying Asphalt composed of sand
and asphalt only, to heat the sand separately before incorpuating the
Bitumin or Asphalt.

Again he says "Bitumon of 99% pure. This reads well but in paving
parlance does not spell any thing, for instance, a diamond and a piece
of anthrocite coal are both absolutely pure carbons, and would pass
this chemical analysis for purity, yet one would make very poor fuel
and the other poor jewelry,

We quote you from the unknown words Bitulithic specifications

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