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which requirements are as follows " the Bituminous composition or
cement shall in each case be free from water, petroleum oil, water gas
or process tars, and shall be especially refined with a view to re-
moving the light oils,naphthalene, or other crystalline matter sus-
ceptible to atmospheric influences".

The Bitumon the General Supply & Constructionoffer which we under-
stand to be refined by tharrogatinge Texas Company from Texas oil, has been
tested and rejected in many previous attempts to use it for paving
purposes, and we respectfully refer you to Mr. Clifford Richardson's book
on Asphalt Pavements as to the value of this class of material as
well as to any dis-interested experts in this line.

The General Supply & Construction in arregating to its self the
the ability to reproduce the equal of the Bithulithic Pavement without
any ap experience in this class of paving construction, with a Bitumon
known to be valueless for the purpose, representing that their specif-
ications calls for a pavement equal to Bitulithic that confesses on the
face that they do not realize the necessity of even heating the mineral
aggregate as a peliminary to incorpuating the Bitumon, that leaves the
temperature entirely to the City Engineer, regardless to their own res-

They claim that granite is better because it is granite, nearly
all granites are useless for the purpose, and only one granite in the
whole LLano district is really useful, and Burnett granite is absolutely
useless. Their specifications make it the duty of your Engineer to be
an expert on mixtures and paving constructions, as Mr. Hawley claims his
specification to be better than Bitulithic, not with standing the above
we quote from the City Engineer of Baltimore, and when that
city was offered a substitute for the Bitulithic pavement, Mr. Fendall
said to Mr. John Hubert, Esq., Charman of Committee on highways:
"Dear Sir- Answering the questions prepounded to me regarding the
securing of competition between Bituminous, Macadam, and Bitulithic,
so as to secure paving equally as good as Bitulithic, I beg to adsise to
that I do not know how to prepair such specifications.

Bitulithic is in a class to its self. The methods and plans for
playing the pavement are patened, these methods and plans so far as
I can judge give the best possible results that can be gotten in the

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