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shape of a pavement where the ingreedance of the same are broken stone
and some form of Bitumon.

If I draw specifications for the best form of pavement of this character
they will be specifications under which the Warran Bros., Company lay
their pavement, the processes are patened, and I therefore assume that
any one attempting to lay pavements in accord with their formulae would
be infringing upon their patents.

To provide a pavement that shall be equal in quality to Bitulithic,
and of the same class, as Bitulithic, so far as I can judge, must be
bitulithic in fact if not in name.

As to the second question, my answer to the first question, I think
entirely answers the second question.

It is a little doubtful as what is ment by the words "equal to the
patented Bitulithic Pavement and in the same class". Sheet Asphalt,
Asphalt blocks, first class Vitrified brick and Bitulithic are all con-
sidered to be in or about the same class, when prices are considered.

The Bitulithix Pavement as certain good qualities are proceeded by
the other four pavements, to wit; it is not slippery, it is less noiseyer
and, so far as I am able to judge from observation and reports over the
observations of other Ingeneer's, it is more durable.

Very truly yours,
B.T.Fendall, City Engineer.

We feel in the above that we have shown that the bid of the General
Supply & Construction Company on a Bituminous pavement was either with
out excivation or was informal, that their specifications are in no wise
a duplicate of Bitulithic and do not call for a pavement of any known kind
or value, except as it may rest in the imagination of their own Engineer.

The General Supply & Construction, say the people should be given a
chance to choose and talk long about a square deal, we respectfully call
you attention to a communication from thesesame gentlemen to your
Honorable body about Oct. 1st.,In this communication Mr. Hawley comences
by stating that he is not trying to instruct your Honorable body and then
proceeds to provide as follows; "Our suggestion most respectfully is to
have the City Engineer prepair standard specifications on the verious
types of pavements, and that proper advertisement be made for bids there on."

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