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In the same communication he says several kinds of pavement are open
to property owners, Vitrified Brick, Rock Asphalt, Bitulithic, Sheet
Asphalt, Wooden Blocks and etc., He did not even name his "Child" that
he now claims you should take at the same price or more than Bitulithic.
Since that time he has discovered the Texas Company's oil Asphalt
unsaleable but hunting for a market, with Mr. Cullimen backing the deal.
If the Standard Oil Company is a local Ft. Worth institution throbing
with the effort to save the tax payers, probably Mr. Hawley, et al,
can explain why they ask Ft.Worth $2.10 per sq.yd. for the same pavement
they offer in Dallas at $1.85 per sq.yd. while gravel costs $1.50 per
cu.yd. at Dallas against 90¢ at Ft.Worth and labor is 20¢ an houron
8 hour shchoter basis in Dallas.

The most the General Supply & Construction Company can claim is, that
their bid on Bituminour is a tie with Bitulithic and we do not believe
that your Honorable body would attempt to ignore the constitutional
rights as licensees of valid patents and fois on the tax payers an un-
tried by experiment that on the face of the specification woudl be con-
demed by any competent road builder at the same price of the real
Bitulithic Pavement that has proven its self the superior of all class of
modern pavements, and holde medals as such, and is giving perfect sat-
isfaction in 170 cities on 500 miles of streets.

Mr. Hawley quotes from the "clay workers" to show bad Bitulithic
results, this paper is the official organ of the American Association
of Paving Brick Mfg., commonly known as "the brick trust". After objecting
in writing to your Honorable body about promoting streets among the
property owners and advising your Honorable Body to advertise for bids
as you have done, they have are not clammering to leave it to the
people to get any old thing, and let the continue to abstruct paving
in Ft. Worth.

In a fare promotion contest the people generally prefer the
Bitulithic Pavement, theopposition then asked for compeditive bids, we
i entered this contest in good faith, have given Ft. Worth a lower
than was ever offered in any Texas city under same conditions, and we
do not believe any tax payer will investigate the truth of this long
drawn out battle and the great pains the Commissioners have taken to
investigate and get sharp competition, will sanction

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