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Southwestern Telegraph & Telephone Co.,


Since July 10th,1907, your company has advanced the
toll rates for long distance telephone service 33 1-3% by refusing
to continue the rule, long established by you, of selling coupon
books to patrons at a discount of 25% for maximum quantity, claiming
that the "Anti-Pass" law enacted by the Thirtieth Legislature and
effective July 11th,1907, would prohibit you from continuing the
practice, notwithstanding the fact that your general officers and
attorneys have repeatedly made the statement that your company was
satisfied with the old rates which would have been continue but for
the alleged prohibition set forth in the law above referred to.
Eminent Counsel, as well as the Attorney General's office at Austin,
we understand have advised that there was nothing in this law to
prohibit you from continuing the sale of coupon books if offered to
the public without discrimination, but at the same time there was
nothing to prevent your advancing the rate --- In other words, it
was a matter of option entirely on you.

Conditions of trade at present do not warrant an advance
in the rate for such services and your patrons cannot afford same, and
inasmuch as your officers have expressed satisfaction at the old
rates and the law does not require the advance,

of your institution do hereby petition you to restore the coupon
privilege heretofore enjoyed by us and that the same be restored at once.

Ft.Worth Cotton Oil Co. M. Sansom & Co.
F. A. Blain, Gen. Mgr. Per J. A. Stephenson, Sec'ty.
The North Texas Construction Co. Bourland-Barefoot L.S.Com.Co.
F. A. Blain, Gen. Supt. Per L. G. Barefoot
Neil P. Anderson & Co. Stockyards National Bank
A.W.Pierce, Asst.Cash.
P pa Hanney Frerichs & Co. French-Webb Live Stock Com.Co.
Per Williamson per J. W. Conway.
Durant Compress & Warehouse Co. Evans-Montague Com.Co.
per C. H. Toups.
Northern Compress Co. Cook & Simmons
by W. L. Cook.
The Shippers Compress & Warehouse Co. Simmons Team Mule Co.
by C. B. Team
Traders Compress Co.
Trinity Compress Co.
Western Texas Compress Co.
Oil City Compress Co.
McCord-Collins Co.
by J. F. Lyons, Sec'y.
Godair-Growley Com. Co.
By Geo. W. Hoover, Sec'ty.
Davis & Hamm Commission Co.
By W. H. Abernathy.
Campbell Bros. & Rosson L.S.Com. Co.
By. L. D. Belden.
Evas-Snider-Buel Co.
By R. H. Brown, Mgr.
Geo. W. Saunders Commission Co.
By F. A. Bossy, Sec'ty.
Geo. R. Barse Live Stock Com. Co.
By M. M. Hargis
Ed F. Smith Com. Co.
By E. F. Smith
National Live Stock Com. Co.
Per J. F. Hovencamp, Treas.
Russell Commission Co.
Per W. B. Stickney, Sec'ty.
Ware-Barry Com. Co.
Per A. R. Barry, Pres't.
North-Texas Live Stock Com. Co.
Per B. Singleton, Sec'ty.
Inter-State Commission Co.
Per Fritz Straughn, Pres't.
F.tWorth Horse & Mule Co.
By J. A. Pierce
W. O. Rominger & Co.
By O. H. Rominger

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