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Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 19, 1907. 190

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners of the
City of Fort Worth:-

Relative to the communication, under
date of November 9th, from Mr.Morgan Bryan concerning the refund-
ing of the unearned part of the city occupation tax No. 7459 , is-
sued by the City to R.T.Hatcher to pursue the occupation of re-
tail liquor dealer at Fourteenth and Calhoun Streets for one year
from October 18,1907 to October 17,1908 ,I beg to say that Sec-
tion 7 of the Acts of the Thirtieth Legislature, generally known
as the Baskin-McGregor Act, provides for the refunding of the
unearned part of the license when same is sold under mortgage
and when the purchaser presents the license for such action to
the governing body of the city.

I suggest that an affidavit be obtained from the purchaser,
J.E.Drendell, to the effect that the license has never been for-
feited by action of the court and that no act was done by the
licensee which would authorize a forfeiture of the same, and that he,
J.E.Drendell, is the owner of the license under purchase at the mort-
gage foreclosure sale, and that the licensee R.T.Hatcher has no
further interest therein.

When this is done, it is proper, under the statute, for
the Commissioners to authorize a refunding of the value of the
unexpired part of the license.

Yours very truly,

Sidney L. Samuels

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