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"Eternal Viligance is the Price of Liberty"

Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 14th, 1907.

Hon. W.D.Harris, Mayor
Hon. Geo.Mulkey,
Hon. G.H.Colvin,
Hon. Sam Davidson,
Hon. Lee Stephens,


On November 4th. I had the honor of conveying to you
an invitation from the Third Ward Club, requesting you to meet
with the Club on a date to be named by yourselves, for the pur-
pose for enlightening the Club and the public in general upon
the question of the proposed reservoir system for the City Water

From statements appearing in the public press, credited
to members of the Commission, we were led to believe that it was
your intention to accept our invitation, however, up to the pres-
ent time we are without an answer to our communication, and as
the Club meets to-night it is incumbent upon me to make a report
on the subject.

We recognize that it is within your discretion to either
accept or decline our invitation, but are reluctant to believe
that you intend to ignore it.

The undersigned will be pleased to hear from you to-day,
and in the event you decide to accept the invitation to meet the
public, under the auspices of this Club, we would like to have a

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