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Very Dusty [Bp G. pecochs?]

[preprinted]Sunday, April 11, 1897[/preprinted]
Palm Sunday

up 930 am. At Ch
at 11 am and found
too big a crowd to get
ch so I had to stand
during the services and
until conm'n. service.
[?] played the
organ and lost her
book. Ch [?] out till
2 pm. Then to CH and
[Ellvina?] and home
at 300 PM and found
[Connie?] at dinner. After
dinner she and I went
to the cemetery and were
out there about 2 hours.
[Were?] at [Quartermaster?] Hq after
supper at 6 PM and
then to CH and met a
Mr [?] and watched but
[no?] [orch?]. At [inserted]such [at?][/inserted] leave at 920
walked [th?] and [then? there? ?]
and [?] and read till

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