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Tues, June 3r[y?]

Precious Cooper;

Thrilled to rec. a letter
from you yesterday. Seems
so long since we'd heard.
Dorothy had a letter from
mother on Sat. Has grown con-
cerned as had not heard for so long.

All sorry to report these men
of ours only wear 7-1/2 & 8 D's.
Fulton can wear one more narrow.
Glad, however, Harold's father
can wear the lovely, new shoes.

Dorothy says "sounds like we
are all about the same size now.
'Cotton pickin' fat!" Ha!

You must come down if you go
to Wisconsin. We'll have a re-
union of Suhl descendents for your
benefit! Russell came a week ago
Sun. He has a day-light trucking
job between Searcy & Memphis.
12 hrs. a day for 5 days each week.
He surely is trying & we're so happy
Be hearing from you & gladly.

Much love - Helen (X)

[text written along the left side] Glad to receive the lovely clothing. Appreciated.

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