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Fri, 24th

Most Precious Parents;

Your card came to-day. Truly repent
over our long overdue silence. Our
dear babies are not very big or very
old, but they require a good deal
of attention - and you know how I love
babies! These are exceedingly adorable.

Ray & I made two round-trips to
Cincinnati, one to Tulsa, returning
via of Siloam Springs, Winslow,
etc., then one week at our church
District Council held at Camden,
Arkansas. We spend so
much time in visitation work.
Dorothy does most of the house
keeping - we both do the cooking,
dish-washing, & laundry. She
tried working out for a couple
of weeks but it did not prove
very satisfactory.

Norman has been very ill.
Has missed 2 weeks of school &
work. He works 35 hours
each week outside of school however
Some friends are caring for
him. They have him in their
home now. We phoned & talked to
him. He was improving.

Love & XO

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