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1665 N. Academy Ave
Sanger, Calif.
Aug. 14

Dear friends: One among
the missing is here & very
well. Guess Mrs. B. is rattling
around somewhere. You were
the missing persons when
Perry called to see you a week
ago last Monday eve. We brought
Mamma home with us on
Tues. the 5th She will be home
in time to vote. Jim
Farndale phoned from San
Fran. last night & will be out
to see us this week end.

Whenever you go by the house, look
to see if it is there. Mrs. B. will
be in & out. Thank for writing
Weather here is warm but
pleasant & clear


Hazel Martin

Mamma says get some nectarines

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Line 15 - Name confirmed [?] at http://farndalefamily.co.uk/Themes/The%20American%20Farndales.htm


Upper left hand corner reads, "Mamma says get some nectarines"