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Mon. 2:30 PM

Dearest Family: waited until I heard from Coop before I wrote, so will make a fast trip to the sub PO (about 3-1/2 miles to mail this and card to his folks). Was written enroute over very beautiful scenrty in hi Rockies, so still no word as to if or when I may join him inEdmonton.Should have word tho by Wed. at least as to the possibilites, and he still hoped if I can makeit Sis mite drive it with me..otherwise I may store car, ship Muffin by rail(which mite kill her) and go rail myself to save that drive back in wintertime. No one to takehouse yet so in quandry to pack and store at own expense or close it up and wait until someone wants it..quite certain Coop will get 30 days or more in Jan. or Feb. before overseas. Will let you know all detail as soon as I learn them. Hope all improved andreally kicking. Our fall wea. perfect..in fact too hot for this time of year, but I love it. By now, Love and Kisses

The Widder, Cat and Dorg

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