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Searcy, Arkansas
December 2, 1952
Dearest Parents:
Has winter been stealing around the
corner out your way? We had a beauti-
ful snow preceeded and followed by good
rains. Have had so much moisture
the past ten days. It has remained
dry for so long we just won't allow
ourselves to complain.
We did have a lovely Thanksgiving Day.
Our people were wonderful to us. One
brought two cakes, two quarts of home-can-
ned, sweetened peaches, and a fat hen. an-
other brought a fruit-cake, 2 pies, 6 pts.
of home-canned fruit, jelly & vegetables,
& a squirrel. A new convert bought a most
delicious [ ?] apple-sauce, spice cake &
we had a delicious meal. We are in a
revival meeting, so the evangelistic wife
made a crispy, vegetable salad and the
dressing for the hen. I made the "dumps",
mashed the potatoes and cooked fresh greens,
& we were all set!
Sunday, the 30th, was Ray's 50th birth-
day. One lady ordered our city baker to deliver
a gorgeous birth-day cake, with "Happy
4. Well, now, don't feel you have it all
to do, as a way is always made for
God's children - if not through one channel,
another is opened.
Thurs. Dec. 4th Ronnies cute P. J's . came
to-day. I guess he really likes his
candy best - but, Dorothy & I were de-
lighted over his sleeping garments. They
fit perfectly - only a bit long, which is
an excellent fault this time of the year.
May God bless you!
Our revival still in progress. God has
given us an excellent evangelist, wish
you could "listen in" on his wonderful
message. We all need more of the Word.
Do trust Harold won't be sent out of W. S. A.
There is enough uncertainty here, but it
is multiplied outside our borders. Now
I long for Jesus to come and "catch His
bride away." May God keep His hand
on the kids! I wish I knew that they
were both really saved and ready for the
Lord's return. I can't bear anyone I love
being lost! We need to be praying much!
Dearest love & many X's - Helen

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