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Birthday [Bro. Sull" ?] on it, & the lovliest
roses & decorations I've ever seen. It was
truly pretty. She scolded me for not
letting her know about my birthday. One
sister brought 2 qts. of fresh, frozen straw-
berries from her locker and a sack of her
home-grown sweet potatoes or yams. A
couple from the country brought fresh pork
& a dozen eggs & another brought eggs, too.
To-night before service a sister came in
with a quart of home-made apple-jelly.
A little before the revival one couple came
with a pumpkin & a quart of canned "coon".
She is always bringing a piece of cake,
half a pie, a whole pie, or something.
Our evangelist and his wife gave me a
lovely birthday greeting and a dollar bill.
So - Dorothy and I shopped! Ray gave me
some, also, so I got a very nice slip
with my $$$'s.
Perhaps you feel, by now, your lovely
desire to slip into our Searcy home with
a beautifully lighted cake & a little
paddle would have been superflous. May
be so, but how happy it would have
made us all. My "paddlings" are sadly
in arrears, so, even that diversion
would have fitted into the program.
I guess our Ronnie boy, in-as-
much as he has grown so tall, is
the main one on the Christmas list. He
has outgrown almost all of his clothes.
We found ages - sizes vary amazingly
when we shopped for him. In the
corduroy overalls, some 3 yr. sizes
were too short, others just right, or
others too long. You check the clothing
if you buy, by laying them on
each other. He was only 2 in October
but in most cases he takes a 3 & in
others he takes a 4 yr. He takes a 6 1/2
sock. He has outgrown under-shirts &
needs panties - man style! Dorothy
daily looks for some encouragement
of support for her babies, but none has
come so far.
I hardly know about Dorothy's needs.
Perhaps anklets, panties, & a nice slip.
My birthday slippers you sent when
in Arizona, are nearly gone. Oh, yes,
our cozy gowns are down to one each!

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