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Thurs AM

Dearest Family, another Thurs.
& another week most gone.
Thanks for letter, clipping, etc.
Glad Sis had a nice trip to San D.
but sorry about the "car" worry.
Would be a shame to have the old
"red roller" fixed up at that expense
& still be "old" - hope you can get a
new one or nearly so. The payments
'shore hurt' but if it lasts you another
20 yrs. or so guess the hurt will
be stretched too!! Please send Helen's
address. Want to send her a birth
day card & letter, at least, &
Thanksgiving is just a week away
& her birthday is on Fri. Our
"heat wave" is over & the temp
has dropped below 32° again,
but also the 4 foggy day are
gone & brilliant sun & moonlite.
A smidge of snow & frost on the ground.

Love to All - Coop, Muffin & me

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