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Wed. a.m.
2 Sept.

Dearest Family:

Your letter started
last week is still unfinished!
We went picnicing about 60
miles north of here, Sun. & picked
hi bush cranberries. So all day
Mon.was spent cleaning & juicing
them. All day Tues. was spent
jellying them. I finished my
last batch 8:00 last nite & I'm
thru making jam & jelly with
the "pioneer methods," at least.
But, at least, I've started your
Christmas presents if they don't
get broken in shipment! Of course,
the berries were free, but with
gas, (40 1/2 [cents] a gal.), sugar 1.00
per 10 lbs., jars $1.10 a doz. etc.
The jam & jelly are darn expensive,
but such "delicacies"! Ha,
have been kidded by people & Coop
at the expense & work. Still getting
rain & cool weather.
Love, Joe.

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