Wed. A.M. 24 Mar.

Dearest "Going on "50 years," (includes sis too, ha): Am air mailing you a small gift, nearest thing to gold I can find until spring & I can go gold mining! It should reach you just between birthdays. Works on expansion contraction principal and seems quite accurate. Coop has a big one, same principal in the wea. station. How about that heat wave you're having again? Here, it is trying to snow! Do hope Dad is thru "shingling" by now. Maybe the warm wea. will help you all. After all, couldn't he take up a less painful "occupation" than shingling? I remember how Helen suffered w/them. Shall write her asking for a ride from Seattle in Aug. & maybe can get her home for the 50th too. Won't hurt to try.

Love, the Kids

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