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Tues. nite. Dearest Family: Coop about to take Muf. for a run so will have him drop this in the box. Beautiful day and took time out from ironing for a sunbath. Muf. lay rite w/me on the blanket and panted, but sun would do her bugs good too! Coop arrived home Fri. nite. Most tired and w/ends of cold picked up Wis. Spent 2 days trying to get out of Minn. on comm. plane: then 2 days more out of McChord. Traffic is terrific in summer. Goes back to D.C. about 10 Sept. Rumors are will go to Maxwell AFV. Alabama to school when leave here next Aug Anything but Wash. D.C. Said for 2 weeks temp. during day never got down below 100 either in D.C. or Wis. Family seem fine. Says his mother has never looked so well. Ate fresh tomatoes out of her garden until he ran "red"! Thanks for cards, etc. Had forgotten my birthday until one of the gals brot me a birthday cake Sun. AM. (Marlyin Boline: Sis met her) Coop goes to Pt. Barrow and ptsn no. this week. Maybe I'll get caught up ironing, etc...but ain't working too hard - too fat n' lazy! Love to all. Glad the surprise 51st was a success.

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