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Thurs. AM. [8] May: Last card of Alice's says you are beginning to mend from the flu, so just keep on mend ing and forget about having the house painted, etc. I'll do it when get home and can take my time and will save us all money too. Haven't done any painting for so long I'm out of practice so time I got back into the swing again..beside I need to lose weight having gained back 15 of the 30 I lost, so the fite has to start all over again with al' man FAT...or ol' woman fatso! Sorry Alice has to keep so many things going and all the worry w/out Helen or I to help out..she must be down to just a few bones w/a little flesh hanging on. Guess worry makes me fatter. And you know you and Dad have very little "meat" on your bones either. Just keeep on gaining now Mom, and stay in bed and rest and sleep a lot..just worry about your self and getting back your strength. Love

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