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all. Sadies gave me a boun-
tiful gold mounted umbr-
ella with my initials on
it and a pair of kid gloves
some kerchiefs and cologne
to. her Ma a nice silk hankerch-
ief with my initial and
so you see I done better than
expected to. Xmas was my
day off and I enjoyed it very
much. today I am on duty.
will be off on Friday again
Ma and Jennie was well Sunday
when I was at home. I am
well and fat. dont get many fires?

Edith I hope you have
been remembered with
Xmas presents as
well as you did us.
by some kind hear-
ted friends. But dont
you think we have forgotten
you for we havent by
any means. I hope someday
to be more able to remember
you with tokens than now.
I guess it must of been K
that sent you that package
for it wasn't us. I havent
seen Katie for a long time but
I hear that she is dressinglovely.
Edith I must close and go to bed
hoping you had a merry x-mas and wish-
ing with a Happy New Year! and many than-
ks for the presents from Sadie and I both
As ever your Loving Broe.

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This page is hard to transcribe as the top half page was over written with a different text. don't know how to handle this kind of situation.