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Dear Edith: I just now heard
ma ask Archie to mail you a letter
and as I wanted to write you a
few lines right away for I
cant get time to write much now
Last night I didnot get home
until almost 7 oclock and now
that I am in the advanced class
it is usually late every night
before I get home, as we had
all our own studies to attend to
besides doing all the office work
and besides doing copying for
the college teachers. Well as ma tells
me I can only write a few lines because the
letter is already full I am afraid if
I get to much wrote she would send it so
I'l proceed to business, if you'l listen well
There is a store in the city haveing
a big clearance sale they are going to
remodle their store and they are selling
things so very cheap and they are selling
all their tailor made dresses for $3.98
I was in to see them tonight they are exactly
what was selling for 8 & 10 Dollars
before the holidays so you may know
they are nice, and I have been wearing
my black henrietta every day since
Oct or Nov and I don't want to ruin it
so it can not be made over for good and
I feel as if that is cheaper than I could
ever get one again & I have two dollars
all of my own and I could get the balance
or enough more to get one if I want it. What
would you do about it if you were me
you d'ont think I get cheaper by waiting
latter do you these dresses are fine good
and some trimed with braid. Uncle Frank

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