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gave me $1.00 for a present
when he was here. Wasn't
that a nice present? I nearly
froze riding on the street car.
This winter not fire to
speak of so I bought
a dollar's worth of
tickets last week with
my present. That way
it only cost five cents
a fare, the same as
the street car fare. I,
[?ke], the train at,
[?.00], in the morning
at the C.P. Station.
But it is much
farther to walk.
After I get to the
city than it would
be if I went on the
street car but I don't
mind that no, [arly],
so much as
riding on those,
Edie, address your
next letter to me
at the College. Just,
{Spencer??], Business College Cleveleaand O.
And write on a seperate
sheet so Ma and the rest will not see anything about it. Ma
will give me, fits. I don't dare say
a word about such a thing to her.
If you addree the way I said, I will get it all right.
Please answer as soon as you can for I don't
know how long the
sale will last. Archie can't wait any longer.
Good Bye.

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I looked like the letter was written on the back and front of a scrap piece of a typed business letter. The typed section was not transcribed.