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26 South Centre Street Cumberland Maryland July 2nd 1903.

My dear Edith: I was realy surprised when I got your letter for this reason I had gived you up and that to you Peggie was a thing of the past nevertheless I was glad to get the letter and to know that you were still in the land of the living.

You say that your sister has gone back to Col. Springs so by that I should presume that she is better I hope that she is much better than she was and that you your self will get well and strong.

Now I wonder if the thing you will tell me is that you are going to be married I hope so for you know that you never can be strong while you do nursing for a living, and you are now old enugh to settle down and have a home of your own and I think that girls ought to marry and make homes for them selves.

I have not heard from Mrs. E. since I was there last Christmas. Mrs. Millard has not written for some time, I don't know what is rong with them all.

Did you ever get the letter I sent in answer to your postal?

No I have not heard of the Kitchens nor stores that you speake about so you can tell me all about them when you write. Things here go on in about the same way I still like the people very well those that you meet often ask about you I have gotten to know the Miller family very well and the longer I know them the better I like them.

I do not know how long we will be here but one thing I do know and that is that I will hate to leave Cumberland.

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I like both the place and the people. I have not been any where this summer only up to the grove to spend one day, I meen that Camp Ground between the Park and Frost-burgh. I wish you were here now I know so many more people and some of them the kind that you could have a good time with, not so formal as some that you meet when you were here. Do you remember the time that Mr. H. took us to Frostburgh and left us at the hotel while he went to look for some one he wanted to see? Well that family I have gotten to know real well, they have two very lively young ladies in the family, and they are the kind of people that like a good time, They dance Play cards, and like music One plays and the other sings, and both do very well. Yes and since you were here Mary Miller has got to going to the Club dancing parties, and so much more goes on that I know of now, things that I know that you would have liked - Never mind when you come again we will be better aquainted. Will had to go to Baltimore last week so took a run down to Atlantic City, I did not want to go for I knew what was coming, and you know that for two or three days I want to sit still or lie in bed, Well he went and I stayed at home, I had nothing to do, but keep quite so got over it real easy for once in my life. He brought me some nice candy, and two hair pins. I guess that was for being good and staying at home. Speelmans so often ask about you, and when I told them that I had had a letter from you they were all so pleased, and send there love to you. Howard was very sick this last winter but is real well now, all the others are well. Mr. H. sends kind remembrence to Dedie, and Peggie sends a great big lot of love to her old friend, Please write again when ever you find time, hoping that this will find you real well again, I am as ever your loving friend, I am well, and W. fairly well. Maggie H.

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