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Dearest Li'le Sister;

So you are going "dudee"? on your vacation. Did Alden tell you I told him to tell you"to leave some of your clothes home". Hope you have a grand time every minute of the time you are gone and its effects will last, long after you are back home again. Suppose Tantor has had a LONG face on him for a week.

The powder - I ask Burns to send the darkest he had - that the #9 was too pink --Supppose the "victims" they try the stuff on in the east are all pinkish. Don't know why they do not make some to fit the skins of the people in the "great southwest".

Did Alden tell you Eve leaves tomorrow evening at 5 for Honolulu - xxx We've had a log of fun teasing her - guess she is beginning to get a little excited. - tho ocean travel is not new to her.

Will you tell Mother and Daddy dear, that I do not think I'll be up this week and - Summer is about over and I would like to feel the sand between my toes before the weather gets too cool - and maybe even go so far as to have a salt water bath. Will try to write them this week end. Also that I received her letter Post marked 5:00 P.M. Monday and I rec. it first thing Tuesday morning. Sorry daddy felt so "bum" Sunday and hope his Silverthorn job has not got him down, physically and mentally. Hope the weather is just rite the day they go to the Fair.

Yesterday morning and especially this morning felt just like Monrovia - really first xxx crispy mornings since we came down. Makes grand nites for sleeping.

Must ring off - Wondering where and what you'll be doing a week from now.

Much Much Love Alici

Come 'round some time & we'll get acquainted

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