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Western Litho. Co. Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Creamery

Main Office 1120-1198 Towne Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.

Wholesalers and Retailers of all Dairy Products

Milk - Butter - Cream and Ice Cream

Main 7724 Home 10753

Los Angeles, Cal. June 12, 1913, 191_

G. W. Grandy,

Dear Sir:-

Realizing the necessity of adopting some method whereby we can give our shippers a definite idea of the condition as to cleanliness of the milk when it arrives here, we adopted the following method:

We take a pint sample of each patrons' milk after weighing and straining it through a disk of cotton. When the disk is dried on a celluloid sheet, the dirt and sediments are exposed so that one can see at a glance, the care or lack of care that has been exercised in handling the milk.

In order to take a definite classification of these samples, we have divided them into five grades; and the number written across the front of the disk is the grade of your sample.

No. 1. Very good, no complaint on this grade.

No. 2. Good, but a chance for improvement.

No. 3. Fair, a great chance for improvement.

No. 4. Bad, this needs immediate attention.

No. 5. Very bad, anyone having this grade stands a good chance to ship us his whole ranch in a short time, with the fertilizer thrown in.

It is the purpose of the company to make these tests from time to time to show the exact condition of the milk delivered. This test is, in a measure, a bacteriological test, as the amount of bacteria found in the milk is in direct proportion to the amount of dirt it contains.

We trust this will be of the same interest to you as it is to us.

Yours truly,

Los Angeles Creamery Co.

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