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I have been so very miserable part of the
time, but feel fine as silk this morning. So
that is good tidings! Mr. S. thot, (thought), a long quiet drive
yesterday p.m. would do me good. We went out
at 4 p.m. after it began to get cool and drove till
nearly dark, slowly, and how I enjoyed it! Came
home and had a lunch, then went to bed & slept for
hrs. without waking. I needed the sleep, too.

Mrs. Falory, is still "visiting" with us and takes
entire care of Margaret now, even puts her to
sleep at night. They both stay outdoors most
of every day which is fine for both of them. Babe
looks so, cunning in her overalls. If Mr. S. has
the cash today at noon, will enclose pay for
them and a few little things if you want to
get them and bring out when you come. He was
going to send insurance dues today and every mo.
There is something to take every cent & then some.
Isn't it "awful"? Had a letter from home second

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Maria the Elder

May be "Mrs. Falvey"