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Detroit Michigan
May 25, 1920.

Dear Alice:

The letter that I wrote several days ago is still
waiting to be mailed so I just now got busy and hunted up
those films so that you can give them to Captain Sherman.
I wish now that I had taken more kinds as I did intend to at
the time. These are very good ones and I am glad to be able to
send them to him.

Last night I was so lonesome and so disgusted with
Detroit that if I had been free to do so I think that I would he
have caught a train to California or somewhere just so that
it was not Detroit. I think that this is the most selfish city
in the world. It is for the most part made up of people who
value the dollar more than they do personal comfort or the rights
of other people. They are mostly foreigners and I am very glad
that you are where you do not have to come in contact with

I am expecting to here [hear] from my classie little class
in California soon. I am anxious to see how you can draw.
Perhaps you will find that this first lesson is a little hard
but that will not hurt. Just do it as well as you can and
send it to me. Then I will know better what to send to you

Tonight I have a class of grown ups here. Tomarrow
night I go to a meeting of the American Legion. Wednesday night
to the Air Service Veterans Club. Taken all together It will
be a busy week. There will be a night school on Friday and
the day class of children on Saturday. I do not have very much t
time for mischief.

Yesterday I watched them make movies of this Armenian
general that has fought the Turks for more than twenty-five
years. You may see the film some day. At the last meeting of
my American Legion post we were addressed by General Boynton,
who has fought in sixteen wars. He was in the first battle of
the Marne and his story of that fight was the best told and the
most aweful story I ever heard. Heis the man that Richard
Harding Davis used for his Captain Machlin. Next week the Generl
will tell us about some of his experiences in Mexico.

I made a poster for the Legion and am also doing some
rather large oil paintings.

Must get back to work now so goodbye till I hear
from you again. Love to all my girls,

Uncle Fred.