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abrorrer at Feb 24, 2022 06:38 PM


sleep durnning [during?] the trip.

Since writhing [writing] you last, I have been on
a ten day vacation to the island of Hawaii.
Saw the volcano and many other
interesting sights. The volcano, one of the
most interesting sights I have ever seen. It
is called "The Pit of Everlasting Fire." It is a
large pit several hundred feet deep and at the
bottom are small pits were [where] sulphur and hot
lava is burning all the time.

Christmas treated me very good this year.
Besides the three gifts I received from home
and friends, a very good dinner was served
in the Company, but the weather wasn't
as beautiful as in the past as this is the
rainy season of the year, so it [[inserted above]:rained]] most of the day.

I have now been transferred and belong
to Balloon Co No 21 as all men going to school
away from their company were transferred.

Don't worry yourself that I can't read your
letter. I won't say anything if you make them
longer. Always like to get long letters but