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Last evening downtown I saw a few
show [shows] at the Y.M.C.A. The show was put
on by Sailors. The title was, Trouble Makers.
The principle part was about a man who
was starting a show and wanted to hire orators.
His office boy was [[inserted above]: a]] niger and was supposed
to answer all door calls. The niger gave his
empoyer [employer] and friends much trouble by
kicking them out. It was the best and funniest
show I have seen for a long time.

Yes! I certainly would like to have been
at that social you were writing about, but
as it is impossible I must imagine I
have been there, and had a real good time.

No! You did not ask me in your [[inserted above]: letter]] before
your last one how long I had got to serve.
I still have five months to serve. Am
supposed to get discharged the fifth of June.
Time cannot fly to [too] fast for me as I am
anxious to become a civilian again.

As ever a friend.


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Warning: Use of derogatory ethnic slur in Line 6. Discussion of the "show" is also offensive.