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Monday nite
7: p.m.

Dear Daddy:

Mother has just been talking to Helen. Helen
said she wanted us there for Christmas dinner, [[inserted above]: in Eve]], &
mother said she wanted them here & that she
had asked Uncle Fred out. Suppose no matter
where we eat, we'll have to go down & see Virginia
& her [eyes?] [[inserted above]: Xmas morning]]. I was down at Helen's for awhile last eve.
Virginia always wants in my purse, so I took
out a green "hanky" & something else; then later my
comb. They gave her my gloves, one at a time, then
she could not hurt or would hurt her. Still,
she wasn't satisfied, not even with a pencil
& paper. So I opened my purse & she sure had
a grand & glorious time.

Did mama tell you that Gae was home
for about half an hour last Thursday nite?
Helen & Roy, Rachel & Floyd were out for a
ride. Rachel said, lets go see Gae. "Where do we
turn?" Helen said "right here." I think they were
on Foothill Blvd then. Gae was on the outside
Balcony, the one that has big flower roots around it.
They coaxed for a little while.
Then she saw John Goby on the
Blvd. & Roy said it didn't take her.

[[inserted left margin]: I rented a house across to some nice old Iowa folks.
Chickens are laying pretty good. Sick hen still living
which just makes me about sick. Got 6 lb pkgs from Cleveland
yesterday. Weather is wonderful. Write soon & often. Love Ma.]]

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There is a drawing in the bottom left hand corner of the page portraying Gae's balcony. The balcony is broadly lined with flower pots, and the roof lies below. Both the balcony and roof are labeled by the letter writer.