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very long then to decide. I called up Helen about 7:00 to see
if she was going to the community chorus & [[struck text]: concert was c]] concert
at the high school & was coming up after us. It was then
she informed us Gae was in this neck of the woods.
About 8:00 o'clock, they arrived here & John about 1/2 hour later
to take Gae back to school. I don't know when she called him
up. After G & J had gone, Roy & Helen dropped mother off
at the concert & in time for the offering & then walked home.

The new offices for C.E. are - Pres. Carl Joslin
- V. Pres. Miriam Shively
- Lec Elen Shively
- Treas. H. May, a new kid.

Scotty was up for Treasurer & if he had been elected, it would
have been quite a family affair. I asked Miriam if she
thot, [thought], she could handle the boys. Last time, there was only
one, Roy, [[inserted above]: on the executive]]. We got 2 packages today from Cleveland.
One was a picture of Gorge, the baby, [[inserted above]: 21 years old]], & the other a quilt or something. One corner, [[inserted above]: of box]], was broken open so ma (& I) peeked. The pictures came this a.m. & so we undid it. Mother just called.
Lindshand & he said we could get them, [[inserted above]: auto licenses]], thru him. He sends to L.A.
I told told her to ask him if he changed anything & she didn't. Well, guess that's
all the news for now. Haven't heard from Gae since last Thursday nite.

With love,

[[inserted left margin]: P.S. Ma wants to know if you are
braiding yourself or eat at Ellies?]]

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The author indicates two positions should be switched when speaking of the new office holders.