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3/ I went into Pennys yesterday after N. to exchange shirts and was told, "no, shirts."

Asked for flannelitte, no flannelette for long, long time. Asked for sheets. . No sheets, muslin under slip's. No, cotton slips.

Grand mornin' and Dad found the wash woman this a.m. So glad day is sunny. I hope you gits (got) my last letter tonite at home with 3,00, in it.

I must get my ironing that I dampened yester. a.m.

No letters yet from poor Mama, hope, she's, not sick, having an awful cold. Deep snows in Mid West and East, and, Cleveland. Papers had a lot of pictures yesterday a.m.

If you think best or well, you can ask for, 500, back on shoes and say couldn't find ration book.

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