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Thurs nite 6 Aug.

Dearest Family, Rec'd Sis' letter
this a.m., also a birthday card
from Helen (no news but to des-
cribe the wheat fld's. of Eastern
Wash. As if I didn't know that
country!!) but happy for her
card. Had our phone installe
d today: $1500 "instl." & $4.50 a
month!! (plus!) Number is:
Anchorage 2395-3.

Coop's number (Base Weather)
[Elmendorf?] AFB., Ex. 33 124.
Continues to sprenkle so I
finally took heart today to
"[illegible] out" & wax the entire
joint. Looks better for a few
hours at least. Coop didn't take
his trip this weekend - will
be gone next Thurs. to [Sun.?].
Invited out for dinner Fri &
Sat. nites - nice - but will have to
re pay sometime. Love [illegible]

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