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Tues. Noon
27 July, Not for Suhls To Read

Dearest Sis and Mom n' Pop:
A hurried note for Coop to take back w/him. Just finished a fresh blueberry tart made by me last nite and berries picked at Lake Blodgett when Coop and Bob took a new trail to a different stream to fish, no fish, but caps loaded w/blueberries on return (and no bears to chase away from the patch!). Never made one in my life, but used a reg. berry pie recipe and added more sugar, still purty tart, but good. Wanted to make jelly of the qt. or so of berries, but Coop wanted a blueberry pie, so he will eat pie for a week!

Would be on my way home now and would love it, but trying to keep a stiff upper lip and not be too disappointed. Coop insisted I go, but w/money matters, his trips, etc. and all considered, think it best I stayed here. Shall still phone you either Sun. or Mon. nite and but this on record to talk w/Edith, George and Alice.
Not to the Suhls. Paying almost $10 in wires plus sending Helen $25 to help pay for gasoline down there and back. Feel I (WE) have done our bit for the Suhls to get home to see you folks. Will take a stiff upper lipe [lip].

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